They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions....

It's been two years, almost, since my last update. Two years since I took the plunge, and then seemed to plunge right off the edge of the world. I had forgotten about Murphy's Law, and how when there is an opportunity for something to go wrong, it will go wrong. I am ever an optimist, and I guess I just assumed the best and forgot to prepare for the worst. In this case "the worst" turned out to be that both of my computers, and all of their sacred data, died a spectacular death shortly after our move. I am still without a computer, but have been able to temporarily cobble together an eyefi card for my camera, along with a tablet with a copy of Photoshop Touch for editing. It's a lit more pared down than what I'm used to working with, but I have been able to make it work. In fact, I even got hired on by a new Nashville magazine called Main Course, where I have written a few articles and made photos for a column of my very own. Other happenings over the last couple of years include:

Contemplating Ophelia's Roux

Ophelia's Roux

Attending the rodeo, twice!


Watching the coldest winter of my life invade North America

frost on leaves

Learning to let go of stress



Playing in the kitchen

Two Kid Chefs - Sloppy Dogs

Finding a new pool to call home

"I pretty much run on #funyuns." #swimming #swimmer #snack

Watching my daughter continue to grow into an amazing girl

I guess my baby girl is growing up. Time to think seriously about investing in a good heavy stick to beat some teenaged boys with.

And... here we are again; Autumn.

I guess it's going to happen again this year. #autumn #fall #leaves #deciduous #color

I've struggled a lot these past couple of years with my own personal journey. I moved to the Nashville area with every intention of hitting the pavement and getting both feet in the door to the career that I want. Having no computer has meant that I have been cut off from any real means of making that happen. And it has also made me question a lot of big things, too; like...what do I actually hope to accomplish with my work, anyway? It's something I'm still mulling over. As the lyrics go, "you can't always get what you want, but you might find you get what you need."

In the meantime, I have several personal projects that I intend to finally make time for. It's way past time to crawl out of survival mode; peel myself out of my comfy hermit crab shell, and get back to work by whatever means necessary. I look forward to seeing where it takes me, and I hope I see you along the way!


Tennessee Time!

We have landed safely in the Nashville, TN area! We're about an hour south of Nashville in a little town called Shelbyville, though we have a Lewisburg address. We're pretty deep in the center of horse country, and there is field after field of horses and hay and gorgeousness.

I am a little harder to get ahold of right now because we currently do not have internet at our house. If you want to reach me, send me a text or call on my cellphone at 828-246-8135. If I don't answer right away, it's possible that I'm buried under a box somewhere and you maybe should send help. ;)

Talk to you as soon as I can!


One last trip down memory lane

five babes in the woods

Isabella in the woods

mom dave garion

This week is my last as a western North Carolina citizen! With each box that is filled with the memories of our lives here, taped up, loaded onto a truck, I take another step toward whatever fantasic adventures await me in Nashville, TN. I will miss these mountains that I have held so dear for so long, but I plan on embracing Music City just as hard as I can! I am so excited to see the new places and faces that make up such a wonderful city, and getting down to business in our new home.


Tea Time

I really enjoy the process of brainstorming an assignment and watching the many ways it morphs from one idea to the next. The colors, shapes, texture, and light leading me ever down the path to The Shot on the journey through The Land of What If. Here are some ideas I came up with for tea!
tea advert

teacup 1

teacup 2


Tree of Life

I spent about an hour photographing this necklace; it was a purchase I made while down in Florida in October. It had reminded me of the great big tree at the end of our road that all of the neighborhood kids used to go hang out and climb. Great big live oak with massive branches hanging low to the ground. I wonder about that tree a lot still; if it's still there, what kind of shape it's in, if I'd still have the courage now to climb as high as I did back then. How many neighborhood kids have called that tree their own personal "The Tree" since I was a kid? Maybe one day I'll see it again! Until then, I have this necklace to remind me of it.




Amy and Denise

Amy is one of my oldest friends, stretching all the long years back into our childhoods. We lived on the same street from ages 7 to 14, sharing our growing pains, barbies, and chasing our little love interests of the moment. She was such a fantastic friend to me, and I was heartbroken when we moved away; it was a sudden move and I'm not sure that I even got to say a proper goodbye to anyone. Almost a quarter of a century later, we meet again in my "new hometown," where I finished growing up and into the person that I am supposed to be. It's funny how time can change a lot, but some friendships are unchanging. Love you, Amy! Thank you so much for everything.
Amy and Denise


Hangin' Out

I got to hang out with one of my best buddies and fellow commercial photographer in Atlanta, Keith Taylor. We went out to my favorite hiking trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and spent a large part of the day. Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch at the best BBQ joint on the planet, and then went out to Cataloochee Ski area to see what we could see. Happened upon a gorgeous sunset and some horses roaming around before we headed home. It was great being able to spend the day with someone so dear to me that I respect and admire. Check out Keith's website here: www.keithtaylorphotography.com
keith at baxter creek

keith and snake

midnight hole

keith at mouse creek falls



Overlooking Waynesville, NC in autumn

I was commissioned to photograph the overlook on a piece of property purchased by my client; he planned to make a gift of it to his wife to remind them of their property as they live in Chicago. I have lived in this town since I was about 13, and had never seen this particular view of my town, and loved the chance to see it in the fall. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Robert, and I hope you enjoy your print!
Waynesville 10-15-12


Mr. Frog's Soul & Creole Kitchen in Asheville, NC

I had the honor of photographing award winning Chef Vijay Shastri of Mr. Frog's Soul & Creole Kitchen in Asheville, NC. Vijay is also not only one of North Carolina's four certified sommeliers, but a fantastic story teller. I had a great time photographing him as we chatted away about the food industry and about his life. He sent me home with some lox that my 10 year old daughter became almost immediately addicted to! Thanks so much, Vijay!











Yellow Branch Farm in Robbinsville, NC

I spent a few hours on Bruce and Karen's cheese farm, working on the book assignment, and learning about cheese making. The cows were so docile and smart, each coming to the milking room at the call of their own name! Bruce was a gracious host, allowing me to photograph him at his home farm, and then Karen let me taste samples of their delicious labors before I left. I highly recommend the basil cheese they make; that stuff is amazing and probably more than a bit habit forming!